Quality PP Folded Filter Suppliers in China

About 30 kilometers south of Stuttgart, in Ottmarsheim, we are a family-run business of quality PP folded filter. However, we specialize in finding client-centered solutions in the areas of filtration, compressed air dampening, and fluidization of powder-like materials. Thus, our filters are made to fulfill a variety of industry and application requirements, offering the best filtration performance and dependability.

However, as carbon fibre filter manufacturers, we take pride in providing our customers with quality PP folded filter solutions on the market with a focus on producing great products. Therefore, our PP folded filters are designed to provide exceptional filtration efficiency, efficiently eliminating particles and impurities from liquids and gases.

Long Service Life

Our quality PP folded filter has a prolonged service life that lowers maintenance expenses and downtime because of the sturdy design and premium materials utilized in their manufacture. Our filters have been useful in several sectors, including electronics, chemicals, food & beverage, medicines, and more. You will only receive goods that meet or surpass industry standards for quality and safety. Thanks to our filters’ strict adherence to them.

However, to ensure long-lasting performance, we employ premium-grade polypropylene, which is famous for its high chemical resistance and durability. By maximizing the PP folded filter surface area, we are using a pleated configuration. Thus, the dirt stays in suspension for longer periods, extending the time between replacements. However, our filters retain a high flow rate despite having superior filtration capabilities to avoid process bottlenecks.


  • A PP folded filter: what is it?

    A polypropylene filtration medium, PP folded filter, takes place in a pleated pattern to increase surface area and improve filtration performance.

  • Can I modify the PP folded filters to meet my unique needs?

    Absolutely! For our PP folded, we provide customizing possibilities.

  • How frequently must I change PP folded filters?

    The frequency of replacement has influenced by several variables, including the application, environmental conditions, and filtration needs

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