Carbon Fiber Filter


Using high-quality raw materials , the high iodine value coconut shell activated carbon and    high  specific  surface  area  activated  carbon  fibers  are scientifically   proportioned  and  produced  through  advanced  technology  and  processes .  T he  product  has  a  dual  effect  of  carbon  fiber  and  activated  carbon ,  with  super  strong  adsorption  and  filtration  ability .  It   increases the  diameter  of the filter  element , increases the  adsorption  effect ,  and  adsorbs   impurities , odors , organic matter , heavy metals , residual fluorine , etc . to a greater extent . This  product does  not  produce  black water during  use , and one filter element  has the effect of  concentrating the filter element resulting in a long service life . W idely used in environmental protection , chemical engineering , electronics , electroplating , food , medical and health fields .


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