High Flow Folded Filter



PHFM high flow rate water cartridges are available in 6.5” diameter construction and pleated format. The 6.5” diameter construction and pleated format provide highsurface area and dirt holding capacity for a wide range of flow requirements, allowing for a greatly reduced number of cartridges and smaller housing size. High filtration flow rateswith low space requirements are possible. Wide range of chemical applications for avariety of applications.

  • The cartridge holder is injection molded for ruggedness and durability
  • Extra large filter surface area provides high flow rate, high life and high flow rate
  • One 60″ cartridge can filter water up to 1900 LPM
  • Available in 20″, 40″, and 60″ lengths
  • Less frequent cartridge changes, reducing cartridge changeover costs
  • Quick, safe and easy cartridge installation, reducing labor costs


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