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Countertop filters

These filters sit on the countertop and are connected to the existing water supply. They typically use carbon filters to remove contaminants.

Water Filter Cartridge

These filters are installed beneath the sink and provide a dedicated faucet for filtered water. They often employ multiple stages of filtration to remove a wide range of impurities.

Whole-house filters

These filters are installed at the main water supply line, ensuring that all water entering the house is filtered. They are designed to remove sediment, chlorine, and other common contaminants.



The PHFK high-flow filter cores are of 6`` diameter construction and pleated to provide a high surface area and dirt holding capacity, allowing for a high flow rate with a low footprint and a wide range of chemical applications.


The pall high-flow filter cores are of 6`` diameter construction and pleated for high surface area and dirt- holding capacity, reducing the number of cartridges significantly, resulting in high flow rates, small footprint, easy cartridge replacement and low investment. A wide range of chemical applications can be used in a variety of fields.


PHFM high flow rate water cartridges are available in 6.5” diameter construction and pleated format. The 6.5” diameter construction and pleated format provide highsurface area and dirt holding capacity for a wide range of flow requirements, allowing for a greatly reduced number of cartridges and smaller housing size. High filtration flow rateswith low space requirements are possible. Wide range of chemical applications for avariety of applications.
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Melt-blown filter

Made from sanitary polypropylene, the cartridges are produced in a single process by heating and melt-spraying to form a deep filter cartridge with a certain pore size gradient. They are used for pre-filtration of liquids.


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